Fresh/Frozen Fish Buyer/Purchaser

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Athens Attica, Greece

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My name is Mourmouris Nick. I’m Greek,raised in Zair Central Africa, currently living in Athens-Greece.
In 2004 I moved to West Africa,Guinea-Conakry where I personally started a family plant of processing & selling fresh and frozen fish (traditional fishing, FAO 34 from the coasts of West Africa). My Corporation is Safripeche S.A.R.L. which met the European Community exporting standards.
Then moved to retail in my own fish shop and wholesale in the Athens central fish market in Keratsini.
Native Language:Greek&French&Lingala Also fluent in Italian, English.


Languages spoken: French, Italian, English, Lingala (Language of Congo) and Greek.
Graduate of the Greek National University on the field of Mechanical Engineer specialized in computer science.
MBA of the economic college of BCA in Athens-Greece.


-Large knowledge on how and where to buy quality fresh and frozen Atlantic and Mediterranean fish (I can send a full excel list of fish) retail and wholesale.
-Large knowledge of the whole fishing trading chain (starting from inspecting and buying fresh fish from the fishing boat, until the final selling point), how to package fresh fish for airplane travelling.
-Contacts of fish producers in West Africa, Portugal, Greece and France.
I would like to apply for a job in the FISH DEPARTMENT, buying fresh and frozen fish & seafood from West Africa (FAO 34) as well as the Mediterranean Sea (Contacts of fish producers in West Africa, Greece, Portugal and France) on behalf of a company. Full-time preferred.
City preferred: New York.

Spoken Languages

    * Greek – Mother tongue * English – Very good use of written and spoken English. Excellent use of the technical terminology., *Afrikaans - fluent both written and spoken., 3) French: Fluent speaker, 3) Italian: Very Fluent