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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Athens Attica, Greece

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Occupied as teacher of mathematics in institutes.I have recently finished a Master in Didactics of mathematics. Good in research, organization and team work. Many projects done.


2003 – 2007 university graduate of Mathematics Department in Athens (ΕΚΠΑ)
Grade: «Good»

Master in Didactic of Mathematics by Interuniversity – Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program «DIDACTICS AND METHODOLOGY OF MATHEMATICS»

Project’s title: «Similarity’s transformations in Plane Geometry»
Presentation’s date: 23.06.2011 (d/m/y)


• Summer School of Interuniversity – Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program, July 2009, Alexandroupolis
• ESU-6, July 2010, Vienna, Austria
• Attendance of lectures in Athens University and in Mathematics Department in order to be informed about the educational system and the new teaching methods.

• Analysis and commentary of propositions 1,8,9,10 of Book IV of Euclid’s Elements.
• Power Point presentation of first degree equations and problem solving (2nd grade of high school).
• Piaget experiment concerning the maintenance of quantity and number with children of aged 4-9 years.
• Creation of worksheets referring to solving second degree inequalities (1st grade of Lyceum).
• Creation of worksheets referring to identities and their properties (3rd grade of High school).
• Presentation in auditorium of a geometric exercise based on locus and construction with ruler and compass.
• Presentation of Lagrange’s theory about foundation of calculus, based on a project of Danny J. Beckers.
• Quadrature of the parabola. Analysis of Archimedes’ both mechanical and geometric method.
• Translation of a part of the thesis «Die Krise der Anschauung», (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht in Göttingen, 1986) of Klaus Thomas Volkert. Abstract and Power point presentation.
• Analysis of the research framework of the articles:
 «The scientific object of Didactics of Mathematics: Assumptions and Conclusions», D. Chassapis
 «How do theories influence the research on teaching and learning limits of functions?», Christer Bergstein, Linköpings Universitet.
 «Promoting students’ graphical understanding of the calculus», John S. Berry, Melvin A. Nyman.
 «The role of gesture in Co-Constructing Mathematical Understanding», Robert A. Reeve, Fiona J. Reynolds.

• Research, through questionnaires to students and school teachers of secondary education, on the concept of tangent. Conclusions.
• Methodology in large-scale research. Topic selection by the PISA research 2000.
• Applications of spherical geometry, based on Chapter 2 of the book «Modern Geometry with Applications», George A. Jennings.
• Proof of the propositions I 1-13,15,16,26 of the Elements, according to Hilbert’s axiomatic foundation.
• Project in the history of ancient greek mathematics, referring to finite and infinite anthyphairesis, importance of the 5th postulate and efforts of its proof by Ptolemaeus and Proclus, dynamic connection between postulates and definitions and applications in number theory, connection with Dedekind cuts and real numbers’ theory.
• Analysis of mathematical concepts of ancient greek mathematics by ancient and modern analysts. In which way do the ancient philosophical texts (eg of Plato) hide mathematical concepts? (supervision: S.Negrepontis).
• Logo use for the presentation and understanding of mathematical concepts. Focus on the main elements of a triangle.
• Program of activities for vectors with suggestions for application in primary and secondary education.
• Statistical analysis and conclusions based on blood tests of General Hospital of Kozani (2007).
• Presentation, statistical analysis, conclusions, psychological approach of the concepts of research based on the article: «Secondary students’ rational number understanding», (Running Head) and on a project named «Aspects of Secondary School Students’ understanding of rational numbers and their notation», (Xenia Vamvakoussi, Stella Vosniadou).


2003-2012: private lessons(teaching mathematics) to secondary and high school students.
Three of them were studying in evening school, two of them at the age of 17 and 20 and the third one 56 years old.
Two students had to cope with mental disability.
One student had to cope with attention disorder, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

2008-2012: work in the group of institutes, named «Thematiko», as teacher of mathematics.

08.2011-09.2011: work in medical group «Koroneos», in order to promote medical textbooks.

2008-2009: work in high school of Melissia in the program of extra didactical support for students, who study in public schools.

09.2007-11.2007: work in «Dedemadi» publisher, in order to promote his books and writings


  • Experience in Windows 97,2000,XP,7.
  • Operation of the program Math Type.

Spoken Languages

    1)Greek(native speaker), 2)English(fluent), 3)German(Kleines Sprachdiplom)