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Desired salary: $2,700.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Nea Ionia Decentralized Administration of Attica, Greece

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Kinesiotherapist, conducting therapie to disable people with all kinds of disabilities


Rodou 29 Nea Ionia Athens
Email: Nationallity: Greek, Date of Birth: 17-04-1981
Mobile phone: +306944907629

A committed and innovative kinesiologist with extensive experience to rehabilitation therapy. Over five years of acquaintance in kinesiotherapy and hydrotherapy to people with disabilities. Well-versed in a broad range of rehabilitation programs, treatments and modalities restoring function and mitigating disability for diseased and injured patients.
 Excellent interpersonal/communication skills and able to solve any upcoming problems.
 Experienced to research projects formations and capable to contribute to any difficult task to accomplish project objectives.
 Enthusiastic team player deeply committed to delivering quality care and achieving superior patient’s outcomes as a member of multidisciplinary case management team.

Professional Experience
Hydro therapist 2010-Up to now
 Estimate the clinical situation of the patients and conducting the physical therapy inside the pool.
 Report the clinical icon of the patient before and after the end of the therapy session and consulting with the doctors and physical therapists.
 Capable to guidance new kind of treatment in order to accomplish better results.
 Facilitate normal movement patterns and mobility with the unique appearance of the water.
 Guide and monitories movement inside the water and outside the water.
 Assessing therapy in the water and outside the water in injured athletes following a rehabilitation programme.
 Assessing therapy in the water to infants from born until adolescent.

Research Assistant 2003-2006, 2008-2009
 Organize, monitored and analyzed gait analysis projects in people with CP, MS, Stroke and other related neuron or musculoskeletal disabilities.
 Able to use and analyze the results from the Isokinetic Biodex and Isokinetic Platform (Kistler).
 Capable to consult and have a feedback with the doctors and the physiotherapist.


 01/02/2009-30/09/2010
Hydro therapist in the Rehabilitation Center of Greece. Assessing hydro therapy to patients with movement disorders.
 01/02/08-30/01/2009
Volunteer job in the Rehabilitation Center of Amsterdam (RCA Overtoom 283). Assessing the rehabilitation training of the patient. Also a research assistant to research projects that was going on at the Center.
 31/01/06-31/07/07
Swimming Coach in children between 3-12 years old. Personal swimming trainer to adults. Rehabilitation swimming in children and Adults with movement disorders.
 01-09-2004 – 31/07/07
Personal Trainer in women before and after pregnancy. Also exercise in elderly.
 01/09/2002 -30/07/2004
Swimming Association: ALMPATROS. Swim coach in children from 3 to 12 ages.
 01/10/2000 -01/07/2004
Referee in Triathlon games

 Certificate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science, With grade 7,36 (scale degree 1-10).
 September 2007- August 2008
Master in Human Movement Science
Vrije University (Faculty of Human Movement Science, Amsterdam).
 04-2013
Certificate of the Special Needs (Teacher). Awarded by the Safety Training Awards (STA).
 05-2014
Hall wick Seminar for Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury.
 06-2015
Certificate in “Biomechanical Assessment of foot pathologies, design and manufacture of Orthotic Solution” Biomechanics Institute of Valencia

Publications and Awards
 August 2004: Published Poster in Pre- Olympic Congress:
DIFFERENCES IN MUSCULAR POWER OF LOWER EXTREMITIES IN YOUNG FEMALE. Rousanoglou Elissavet, Nikolaidou Maria-Elisavet, Plessa Estathia, Nioti Paraskevi, Konstantinos Boudolos, Sports Biomechanics Lab, Faculty of Physical Education &Sports Science, University of Athens, Greece.
 November 2003: Published Poster in Hellenic Sport Science Congress in Iraklion: “The relationship of Personal Walking and Additional Load”. Nioti Paraskevi, Rousanoglou Elissavet Sports Biomechanics Lab, Faculty of Physical Education &Sports Science, University of Athens, Greece.
 June 2007: Award Scholarship by the VU Fellowship Programme, during the enrollment in the MA programmes Human Movement Sciences.


  • 12 years experiencce

Spoken Languages

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