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Desired position type: Any
Location: Athina, Athens Decentralized Administration of Attica, Greece

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Being a recent MSc Graduate in Automotive Engineering from a renowned University in the UK is my greatest asset which provided me with a great and deep understanding of automotive concepts such as powertrain, vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics as well as technical writing, research (qualitative & quantitative), etc.

Furthermore, it provided me the opportunity to improve my knowledge from my BEng in Mechanical Engineering in many aspects, such as project management, engineering management, risk management, and reliability engineering.

Last but not least, my passion for the automotive industry guided to pursue MSc degree in automotive engineering despite having to work through my studies in order to cover my daily expenses, but it provided me the opportunity to enhance my skills in time management, communication, teamwork, leadership and working under pressure.

My determination to learn, improve myself and my knowledge, as well as my willingness to be a mechanical- automotive engineer, has been increased through my studies and experiences. For that reason, I am willing to work abroad, achieve my dreams and be part of the future automotive industry.
My education has prepared me for position in automotive industry. In particular, my studies in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, as well as my passion for the automotive industry and its future, have given me a solid background so that I can perform excellently in job duties.
My key strengths that would support my success in this position include:
• Organizational, communication and technical analysis skills
• Fluent in English and excellent MS Office Knowledge
• Experience in executing projects on time
• Strong Analytical Skills, Logical Thinking and Problem Solving
• Basic Italian (on going language lessons)
• Willingness to travel
• Excellent communication, negotiation and coordination skills
• Strong reliability and team player
I am eager to contribute my enthusiasm and up-to-date skills to the company’s team. I am certain that my resume will give you a greater understanding of my qualifications for this exciting opportunity. With BEng in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Automotive Engineering, I have a comprehensive understanding of reliability engineering, project management, risk management, advanced engineering management, new automotive technology, advanced vehicle dynamics, advanced vehicle aerodynamics, advanced powertrain engineering, proper documentation of technical data, meeting deadlines and working under pressure. I also have experience in learning and applying new technologies as appropriate. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from you and your talented team.
I look forward to speaking with you.
Vourtsis Pavlos


MSc in Automotive Engineering 2017/09 – 2019/03

Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

 Dissertation with the title “Improving Reliability of electrical connectors with the method of separation”

BEng in Mechanical Engineering 2008/02 – 2015/07

Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, Athens, GR

 Thesis with the title “Introduction of Modern Methods and Technologies in the Management of Fleet Vehicles”
 The long study period is due to the 6 month internship, the long period of documents that are needed and the 9 months of military obligations (total 2 years)

High School Graduate 2004/09 – 2007/07

3rd High School of Alimos, Athens, GR
Technological Education


Automotive Market Research Editor 2018/11 – Current
Intelligent Automotive Data, Athens, GR
-Automotive market researcher

Waiter-Bartender 2017/09 – 2018/07
At you service, Oxford, UK
-Bartender and customer service

Receptionist 2017/04 – 2017/07
Vari Sports Club, Athens, GR
-Receptionist and customer service

Technologist Mechanical Engineer 2017/02 – 2017/04
Marine Solutions Ltd, Athens, GR
-Mechanical Engineer in engine ship maintenance and repairs

Manager of parcel trading department 2016/05 – 2017/02
Biz-Courier, Athens, GR
-Manager of the parcel department, customer service,
communication with customers abroad

Mechanical Engineer 2014/11 – 2015/05
Greek Post, Athens, GR
-Internship as a Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Manager

Paratrooper 2013/11 – 2014/08
Greek Army
-9 month military obligation service at Special Forces

Cashier-Manager 2009/02 – 2013/10
Opap Store Betting Company, Athens, GR
-Customer Service, Cashier

Telephone Surveys 2008/03 – 2009/01
Care Direct, Athens, GR
-Product Surveys through telephone

Telephone Sales person 2007/09 – 2008/02
Vodafone, Athens, GR
-Product Sales through telephone


  • 1. Automotive Engineering
  • 2. Mechanical Engineering
  • 3. Reliability Engineering
  • 4. Engineering Management
  • 5. Electric Vehicle Engineering
  • 6. Powertrain Engineering
  • 7. Crash Impact Modelling
  • 8. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  • 9. Vehicle Dynamics & Aerodynamics

Spoken Languages

    4. Italian (basic), English, Greek