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Desired position type: Any
Location: Thessaloniki Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace, Greece

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40 years construction and construction supervision experience in many sectors infrastructures. Continuous update on modern construction technology. Strict control and detailed report on all project aspects like cost, quality, planning, hr, contracts administration, procurements, BIM, safety etc in both unified and individually mode levels with his high level computer literacy. Guarantied satisfaction of client.


5 years curriculum BSc Degree in rural and Survey Engineering (ECTS 300 Equivalent to MSc) / Nov. 1976
(A.U.TH) Aristotle of Thessaloniki, GPA : 7.02/10 grade.
Courses : Geodesy, Topography, 3D modelling, Fortran, Mapping, Photogrammetry, Tide & Gravity, Barymetry, Hydrography, Highway Engineering, Railway Engineering, Earthworks, Drainage, Hydraulics, Fluid dynamics, Construction Equipment Management, GANTT/ CPM/PERT Project Planning, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Reinforced Concrete, Architectural Standards, Hydrology, Water Supply and sewage networks, Rural Irrigation Networks, Ports/Marines projects, Astro-Geodetic Positioning.
MSc Degree in Construction project management (ECTS 120) / started 2015 not finished yet
(H.O.U.) Hellenic Open University, GPA until now : 8.05 /10 grade.
Courses passed in detail(certification available) : Project Management Lifecycle : Business Development, Plan, Design, and Procure, Project Execution, Business Management, Project Close-Out, Operate and Maintain;
Construction Company Accounting & Finance, Construction Cost Control, Strategic Management, Resources Management, Assets Management, Human Resources Management, Construction Recruiting, Financial administration analysis and forecasting, Estimations, Tendering, Contracts, Site Management : Site Buildings effective planning, Logistics (Construction Material, Equipment Parts, etc), Equipment Management, Manning, Value Management, Total Quality Management, Quality plan, Construction Execution, Change Management, Management Software : Project Management, DBA, SQL.


> AECOM Arabia, May 2016-Nov 2013, Construction Management
Projects: KKIA Airport Expansion Program, APRONS, Terminals T3, T4, New AFU, LC2-3, Taxiways. JECPI urban infrastructures, Port, Dredging, Roads, Refinary, Corniche…
Responsibilities : Site engineering, Cost Control, Set-Outs, As built surveys, Volume Evaluations, Management of 3-5 surveying teams for all projects. Total budget $5.4b+$31b

>Technical Software and Consultancy Co, Nov 1976-Nov 2013, CEO and Founder
Information : This company from 1979 to 2007 was administrating by his wife (BSc Civil Engineer) and since 2007-now by his daughter (MSc Rural and Survey Engineer). It was a 5-10 employees small company with an annual turnover of 0.7-1.5 million euros/year.
Projects:Many IT/Surveying and CDM projects
Responsibilities: the 1st multi-discipline IT/Surveying/ Designing services company in Greece, providing engineering computer services combined with land surveys on Highways, Railways, Bridges, Urban, Water/Sewage, Power Station/Industrial, Ports/Marines, Dredging, Cofferdams, piling, Large Earthworks, Volumetric Evaluations, 5stars Hotels, Tunnels, Dams, Buildings, 5 star Hotels etc more than $3.5b budget.

>Public Power Corporation SA (PPC SA). Sep 1979-May 2011, Director of Surveys and Infrastructures for the Mines and the Plants (M&P)
Projects: CD&M of Mines/Plants,Conveyor belts, Drainage, Flood protection, 150km HD asphalt Roads, Bridges, Cofferdams, Water supply/Sewage NW, Facility/Office Buildings, Housing etc projects of total budget >$5.5b.
Information : From Sep 1979 to July 1989 was assigned on many CDM positions. From July 1989 to May 2011 Honored with the Director Position of whole PPC SA South System rensponsible for the Civil infrastructures construction and maintainance for 4 Open Pit Mines with a daily production of more than 100000 tons lignite with a standard quality between 1000-1500 kcal, for 4 plants 2X150MWh + 2X300MWh, 1 Hydro-power 70MWh, 1 Photovoltaic Project and 1 CCPP 875 MWh Gas Plant.
Responsibilities: Acting chairman of LM & Surveying, Geological, Designing and Environmental departments committee, with more than 50 Engineers. Member of M&P Head Management Committee, Responsible for the Production and the Quality control.Verified QA/QC procedures and the HS program, Recruited key staff and personnel, Liaised with PPC CC House and Government.


  • • Accounting, Financial Analysis and Forecast
  • • ADR
  • • Agile Methodologies
  • • Air port Safety Policies
  • • Budgeting
  • • Business Strategy
  • • Cash Flow (Sinking funds, NPV, IRR)
  • • Change Management
  • • Civil Engineering
  • • Claims Management
  • • Coaching
  • • Communication
  • • Construction
  • • Construction Management
  • • Contract
  • • Contract Management
  • • Coordination
  • • Cost Management
  • • Earned Value Management
  • • EN 50126
  • • EN 50128
  • • EN 50129
  • • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • • Environmental policies for mines and plants
  • • Estimations
  • • FAST Analysis Method
  • • Final Account S.F. (Variations, Prime Cost, Provisional Items)
  • • Forecasting
  • • Geodetic Control
  • • Geometric Quality
  • • HSEQ
  • • Infrastructure Projects
  • • ISO Standards
  • • Leadership
  • • Management
  • • Management Consulting
  • • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • • Matrix Project Management Method
  • • Metrology
  • • Negotiations
  • • Organizational Development
  • • OSHA Safety regulations
  • • Performance Appraisal
  • • Performance Management
  • • PMBOK
  • • PRINCE2
  • • Problem Solving
  • • Procurement
  • • Procurement Contracts
  • • Project Control
  • • Project Coordination
  • • Project Estimation
  • • Project Execution

Groups & Associations

    Member of HARSE, Member of Saudi Council of Engineers, Technical Chamber of Greece

Spoken Languages

    *Greek - Mother language. *English - Excellent use of written and spoken english.