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Location: Salford England, United Kingdom

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I am a human resources professional with 3 years of experience with an NGO and a MSc in International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations. I have excellent communication , interviewing and team management skills and very strong presentation and administrative skills. My unique skillset combines in depth psychology and counselling knowledge and experience with international HR. I embrace change and I am very enthusiastic for challenging and creative projects.


2011–2012 University of Manchester – Manchester Business School
MSc International Human Resource Management and Comparative Industrial Relations

Achievements: Achieved Distinction for Dissertation on the topic of employee motivation and engagement, OCB and organizational commitment

2007-2004 ICPS – Institute of Counselling and Psychological Studies – Greece – accredited by University of Strathclyde (part time)
Postgraduate Diploma in Person – Centered Counselling
Achievements: Achieved position of trainee group facilitator

2003-1998 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Philosophy School, Psychology Department
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Final grade: 2:1
Major in : Social and Clinical Psychology


2008 – 2011 Social Service of YWCA Thessaloniki – Manager

• Interviewing Skills
Conducted quality intake interviews and appointed the most suitable professional for further support which resulted in 37% traffic increase.
• Leadership and Team Management
Managed teams of professional volunteers by recruiting, providing support, supervision and guidance and improving cooperation amongst teams as per their outstanding feedback and achieved a 40% increase in recruiting new volunteers.
• Management Skills
Administrated everyday tasks, classified files, answered correspondence, scheduled appointments and group meetings.
Planned, organized and executed 10 around the year activities of the social service.
Managed the activities related budget in accordance with the targets (100% compliance vs target for 2.5 years).
• Presentation and Negotiation Skills
Delegated the Social Service in various conferences and meetings with the local authorities and other organizations which resulted in an increase in the exposure and awareness.
Communicated with the local media and achieved free advertisement time in the city’s top radio stations for a year for any announcement made by the Social Service, equivalent to 20,000 euros/ annually.
• Learning and Development
Developed and coordinated 3 new educational/ training programs and redesigned 2 existing programs which improved organizational effectiveness and increased participants’ satisfaction as per their feedback.

2006 – 2011 Psychologist and Counselor – Private Practice (Larissa and Thessaloniki)
• Effective Communication
Provided empathic understanding, unconditional positive regard and congruence.
Provided self-developing feedback.
178 clients under therapeutic surveillance.

2005 – 2011 Group facilitator (Larissa and Thessaloniki)
• Team Management and Communication
Achieved the position of group facilitator after an outstanding performance as a trainee group facilitator coordinating a yearly program in counselling and communication skills.
Coordinated various groups around parental counselling and developing communication skills in different organizations (YWCA Thessaloniki, “Mitera” Early Childhood Centre)
Provided excellent group facilitation and group-promoting feedback.
Trained 94 individuals on developing communication skills through experiential learning.

2001 – 2008 Volunteer
• Teamwork and Creativity
Learned to co-operate within a group aimed at a specific target.
Participated in applying novel ideas through pilot programs or in research.


  • Effective communication (6 years), Team management (6 years), Interviewing skills (3 years), Leadership and Management skills (3 years), Presentation and Negotiation Skills (3 years), Learning and Development (3 years), Administrative skills (3 years).


    -Leadership, Employee engagement, Learning and Development, Team Management

Groups & Associations


Spoken Languages

    English, Greek, Italian