Classical Guitar/Electric Guitar teacher

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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Larisa, Larissa Decentralized Administration of Thessaly and Central Greece, Greece

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I teach guitar lessons to students on a weekly basis and all different age groups. Every lesson is prepared in advance and tailored in order to give to the student a real sense of achievement, the student has to feel comfortable with the teacher and to feel like they’ve accomplished something in each lesson. I have to convey information on the student, motivate them and give them as possible the best teaching method. It takes quite a while for young students to learn to concentrate and to be regular in their practice time, I try to establish good practice habits right from the beginning of lessons. Ι have the opportunity to encourage a person to grow in depth and sensitivity, with lots of patience and sincere interest you can stimulate a person’s interest in playing classical guitar and discovering the classical guitar repertoire. I am able to choose effective repertoire that’s what a student needs, offer practice suggestions, interpretation suggestions and be able to shape technique over the course of lessons. In order the experience of teaching and learning to have a profound impact on the student, a balanced approach in teaching that draws ideas and inspiration from various sources such as master classes, concerts, parent’s feedback and musical influences from other genres and books. Young students certainly have ideas and opinions, a tutor should listen to them carefully and thoughtfully.
I am interested in the students’ well-being and development. Ι try to raise self-esteem and build self-confidence of students, encourage team work, teach them about the importance of preparation and discipline, and preparedness for the challenges of life.
It is very important to form a healthy relationship, respect and trust each other, with colleagues in order to deliver the best performances at the workplace. It is essential to understand each other’s needs and expectations and work together to accomplish the goals and targets of the organization.

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I have a Master of music in solo performance in classical guitar from Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester,United Kingdom.I have a Rock guitar grade 6 certificate from University of West London.I have a diploma of Classical guitar,a diploma of Harmony and a diploma of Counterpoint from conservatory Aggela Lalaounis in Larissa,Greece.I also have a diploma of Classical guitar from conservatory Romanos the Melodian in Athens,Greece.


I have experience in guitar teaching from private lessons for 14 years,i was employed from a conservatory in Farsala,Greece for two years with conract type employment.I also was employed from culture clubs in Larissa,Greece with a three years contract type employment from 2015-2018.


  • 14 years experience in Guitar teaching.

Spoken Languages

    Fluent Greek and English