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Desired salary: $75.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Islip New York, United States

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I am a person who has vision, energy and motivation skills, willing to learn more by covering the extra mile needed and who bears deeply in mind that ability alone does not lead to achievement, enthusiasm; knowledge, perseverance, and unity promote success.
My experiences come out and not only, of fabrication of Prototypes, as well as, Subcontracting jobs to machine shops, castings and many more, material purchasing, building jigs and machinery to improve productivity, shipping and receiving, detailing, shop drawings for approval and many more like quality control, procedures, methods, scheduling etc.
I invite you to identify the strengths of my background, coming out of more than 30 years of experience, Also, the will to invest in my engineering judgment, manufacturing expertise, proven business practices and a strong desire to succeed.


(Sunderland Polytechnic, England)
(Concentration in Marine & Mechanical Engineering)

Diploma in AutoCAD Design
(Boces College, NY)


Additional Interests & Work:
 A Preliminary design of an 11,000 tons General Cargo ship
 Study on Lush Ships & Applications
 Yachting and the most recent
 Ongoing Research on Navy and Commercial WT Door design systems and their applications to maximize the precision and efficiency as well as minimizing the labor cost.

Note: Lately, I complete part of a new design concerning the improvement of a door manufacturing system leading not only in faster and smaller cost in production but also in its application specially when is to be replaced/serviced with very little labor time.


(And Not Only)

Manufacturing Manager, Corfian Enterprises Inc. New York (01/2009 – Today)
A general Contracting Company, in which I worked in the Steel Department.
 Oversee all aspects of Manufacturing
 Responsible for all material that goes out for installation.
 Coordinate logistics to supply field with material and tools.

 Coordinating jobs between the office and the field.
 Assist in setup and maintenance of various projects using MS Project.
 Project Coordinator.
 Supervising Purchasing Manager.
 Purchasing of raw materials and shop supplies.
 Detail drawings using AutoCAD

Contract Manager, CD Industries Inc. – New York (01/2006 – 01/2009)
 Contract Management
 Check the Estimations
 Achieving low bits and establishing credibility among them. Established Network of General Contractors and Fabricators to achieve maximum output efficiency
 Oversee the Production of shop and detailing drawings including specifications
 Responsible for the Fabrications in heavy and light metal industry, including structural, miscellaneous
 Directing contracts to their fulfillment, including field supervising in any project complication, especially in complex projects like building support due to alterations or where needed.

Operations/Plant Manager, Mock Manufacturing Inc. (06/1986 – 01/2006)
 Responsible for over 50 union members
 Supervising Purchasing Manager.
 Purchasing of raw materials and shop supplies.
 Detail drawings
 Oversee all aspects of the fabrication shop.
 Manufacturing of High Pressure Doors, Hatches, Decking and Complex structures made out of light sheet metal, heavy plates or GRP
 Machining
 Shipping & Receiving
 NDT and other Test applications
 Painting
 Established and directed successfully Cost Reduction Program exceeding targeted goals
 Updating and improved standard products cost in a 30,000 items per year capability.
 Improved Warehouse inventory control by coordinating it quarterly basis achieving high inventory accuracy
 Proposed and coordinate the implementation of plans to reduce expenses with minimal loss in sales and revenues.
 Achieved savings in purchasing
 Implemented capital equipment improvements with JIG(s) and DIE(s)
 Redesign certain products to save time and material during production and improve quality and efficiency.
 Consistently identify and recommend QA compliance procedures which have saved company’s money and reputation from corrective actions.
 Implemented material cost reduction program through competitive bid acquisition and vendor contract negotiations.
 Successful in obtaining viable solutions to existing problems, Technical or of matters concerning personnel.
 Successful in building Prototypes
 Successful in relocating the whole operation.

Project Manager, United Steam & Diesel Inc. (06/1980 – 06/1986)
Employ 50
 Involved with Ship repairs
 Oversee all aspects of the fabrication shop.
 Fabrication of Structural steel, Plate and Sheet metal, as well as miscellaneous structural items and Incinerators
 Increased Productivity by altering practices
 Assist in the development of the warehouse in three dimensions (Experienced obtained from Neorion Shipyard) at a very limited area.
 Worked with structural Ship-Repairs
 New and Existing Structural Steel
 Supporting of Buildings
 Personnel management
 Planning
 Production of Mechanical-Architectural and Naval Architecture Drawings
 Continuous Research and Development for vital solutions
 Quality Control
 Material Flow
 Fabrication, including cutting, braking, Forming, welding (Mig/Arc)
 Assembling
 Machining
 Sand Blasting
 Thermo-Spraying
 Painting and many more.
 Detail drawings

Naval Architect Neorion Shipyards — Athens, Greece (03/1977 – 09/1980)
During the period of my employment at this shipyard under the management of Apledor International, I involved with
 Design office at first, then
 Dry docking,
 Structure inspection
 Ship Repairs and
 Construction of new Barges.
 Structural repairs in General Cargo ships, Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Anchor vessels and containers.
 Plate and Miscellaneous departments,
 Pipe Fitting
 Great emphasis was given in Dry- Docking and Structural Steel fabrication, as well as Installations.

Trainee Project Manager Elefsis Shipyard—Elefsina, Greece (03/1976 – 09/1976)
In Elefsis Shipyard is where I received my first training as part of my studies.
 I learn about welding ,
 pipe fitting,
 metal forming,
 Full scale layout room including microfiche projection room,
 dry docking,
 new construction and
 Yard layout.
Working there I involved with the
 Construction of new Barges, and new vessels,
 Repairs of damaged vessels,
 Dry docking,
 Miscellaneous items.

Assistant Project Manager Portokalis Shipyards—Athens, Greece (03/1975 – 09/1975)
At the same time I worked in Portokalis shipyard with Yachts & Boat Shipbuilding. There,
 I started as a laminator, part of my training as well and
 I ended as an Assistant Project Manager.
At that point I made two studies, one about Yachts & Professional Yachting, and another with Politics in Relation to ministry of Economics, Ministry of Tourism and Economic Independence of Local Authorities with the help of tourism.


  •  Field and shop Operations Management
  •  Contract administration
  •  Estimations, Sales and Purchasing
  •  Inventory control and Materials Management
  •  Tests (NDT, Hydrostatic, X-Raying Operation, etc.)
  •  Manufacturing, Production and Installations of Heavy and Light Materials, like Structural and their Miscellaneous, as well as prototypes.
  •  Metal Forming (including Roll-Forming), Welding, Machining
  •  Sand blasting, Thermo-spraying, Painting, Powder Coating AND Chemical decreasing
  •  Proper use of Capital Equipment
  •  Design and Manufacture of new Machinery
  •  Detailing
  •  Cost reduction and productivity improvement track record
  •  Introduction of quality control standards as well as employee cross training


    AutoCAD (4 Years), Water Tight Doors (20 years)

Spoken Languages