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Location: Athens Attica, Greece

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patient,hardworking,active,energetic person,having communicational skills


 Masters in Statistics, at Athens University of Economics and Business (Thesis:Exploratory Analysis and estimation using Extreme Value Theory (2000-2002).

 Bachelor in Mathematics at the University of Aegean (1995-1999).

 Graduate from the 57th Secondary-High schoolof Athens(1987-1994).


 Head chief of the Adults Educational Center at Kyklades on the Island of Syros (2010-2011).

 Mathematician in the Secondary Education at the following schools:
o Secondary Schools(Second Chance Schools) for Adults on the islands of Τinos and Syros (2008-2009,2009-2010).
o 57th Lyseum(high school) of Athens (2008-2009).
o 15th Lyseum(high school) of Athens (2007-2008).
o 2nd Lyseum(high school) of Athens(for adults) and 5th Lyseum(high school) of Zografou(Athens) (2006-2007).
o 50th Lyseum(high school) of Athens and16th Lyseum(high school) of Athens (2005-2006).
o 56th Lyseum(high school) of Athens (2004-2005).
o 57th Lyseum(high school) of Athens and 1st Lyseum(high school) of Zografou (Athens) (2003-2004).

 Intracom A.E – applicational programming for web banking, (2003-2004).


  • as the above ones

Spoken Languages

    1999 First Certificate in English, All my master courses were conducted in English, and Greek., English Level Degree LOWER TOEIC Score 685