Head of combing or just employee

Resume posted by DinaAlex5@yahoo.gr
Desired salary: $1,500.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: La Côte-d’Aime Rhone-Alpes, France

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I am an optimist, I like to create and kallitechno.Stin my job I’m very active and I give him my best evato.Mou like to andeiknyo the omorfia.Mou like challenges and generally I like when you start something you finish.


Graduated from high school in 2000 and I finished my English.Because I always like to be Artistic creations and decided to follow the professional hairdressing-cosmetic.Just finished and got my degree, I went in the oaed and continue where for 3 year hairdressing-cosmetic.Additionally, she and practice my salon.OAED got the diploma of the second cycle and then continue for 1 year TEE.Whenever from there I got the diploma of the first cycle with which you can open my own salon.


I’ve worked for 2/5 years in salon.In the first month I only made sweeping, shampooing and drying because still learning.After slowly started to do the rest.Whenever within 6 months I had learned everything.So i can keep it by myself the shops.Closed his appointment, was keeping the fund, made shampoos, haircuts, tints and undertake any other obligation.Stopped working when my employer closed the store and he moved.So I decided to file my papers at the Health Ministry in order to get the professional license and open my own salon.Until then keep working at home.Go and made paints, haircuts and hairstyles.When I got my hands on professional license off to make my own salon.After much trouble running and turns and the spring.At last my dream come true.I have now nearly 4 years.The first 2 are going very well.From the 3rd n the problems started.You see the distinction chores have dwindled and the world has not wages.Thus the hairdressers spend at 3rd fate because it is not the first kind are necessary but no longer a luxury.For this reasons and if I was feeling sorry Consider the book.Because the expenses are more than revenues and did not come out financially.Whenever I decide to look for a job somewhere else.I like so much to artists and creators who will be my very eithela given a chance, wherever it is to do what I love so much.Thank you very much in advance.


  • I have 5 years of experience.

Spoken Languages

    and some french and german, Enlish