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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Chios Egeo, Greece

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Statistician with two Master’s Degrees (International Economics and Finance – Applied Mathematics) and long experience in statistical analysis and reporting. Analytical and detail-oriented personality, with problem-solving and data interpretation skills, and ability to apply statistical concepts in financial projects as well. Hard-working, persistent and self-motivated, with communication and teamwork skills, capable of efficiently developing and maintaining strategies for achieving financial objectives.


– Master of Science in Mathematics
Major in Applied Mathematics
University of the Aegean
Dissertation: Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problems

Modules: Programming Languages – Stochastic Modeling, Probability and Statistics, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Analysis Mathematical Software

-Master of Science in Shipping, Transport and International Trade –
Major in International Economics and Finance
School of Business, University of the Aegean
Dissertation: Greece out of the Euro

Modules: Shipping Management, Maritime Economics, Data – Models – Decisions, Advanced Corporate Finance and Financial Risk Management, Project Management

-Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and Insurance Science
Major in Statistics, University of Piraeus

Modules: Probability, Real Analysis, Actuarial Mathematics, Estimation Theory, Reliability Theory, Entrepreneurship, Microeconomic & Macroeconomic Theory, Investment Analysis 2001 – 2005


-Auditing Clerk (8 month Work Experience Programme)
Municipality of Samos

-Statistics & Mathematics Tutor
• Teach Statistics, Mathematics and Economics to university students
• Tutor Secondary students in Mathematics and Statistics
• Assist University students in Statistic research papers and dissertations
• Helped more than 120 university and secondary students to achieve higher marks by 60%
• Handled hundreds of essays and papers regarding risk assessment, financial decision-making, regression analysis and mathematical modeling

-Auditing Clerk (5 month Work Experience Programme)
Chios Tax Office – Greek Ministry of Finance
• Audited submitted tax returns for inconsistencies or mistakes
• Contacted taxpayers regarding fines or missing documents
• Sent tax returns to the appropriate departments for further investigation