Vocal trainer in the fields of Culture

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Desired salary: $1,500.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Athina, Athens Decentralized Administration of Attica, Greece

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Extremely organised and meticulous, I am able to set the necessary priorities and plans without compromising quality standards.


 Camberwell College of Arts Dates :From 3/10/1996 to 17/06/1999
45-65 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UF
United Kingdom.
Tel number: +44 (0)20 7514 6302
From :3/10/1996 Το: 17/06/1999

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:
• Visual examination and condition documentation, mechanical surface cleaning, humidification and washing, de-acidification and resizing.
• Attended specialist classes on fixatives and consolidants, pressure sensitive tape removal, sensitive media, parchment, iron gall inks, and an introduction to photographic conservation.
• Courses covered over the broad international and historical spectrum of bookbinding and book structures with an emphasis put on acquiring an understanding of bookbinding history.
• Science of materials and how they react under different conditions.
• Level in national classification : The Athens University of Applied Sciences

 The University of Leicester Master in Museum Studies, by Distance Learning
Dates :From 09/02/2000 tο: 03/07/2002
The University of Leicester,
University Road,
LE1 7RH,
United Kingdom
Tel number: +44 (0) 116 252 2522.
Fax number: +44 (0) 116 252 2200.
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:

• History of Museums and their role in society, as well as the activities they engage in, including curating, preservation, public programming, and education.

• Operational Museology. Such as the day-to-day operations of a museum, including its organizational and regulatory structures, institutional policies and protocols (procedural, ethical, etc.), collections management (including conservation and restoration), and its exhibitions and programs.

• Documentation of Collections Museum collections. Including a full identification and description of each item, its associations, provenance, condition, treatment and present location. Therefore the datas are and should be kept in a secure environment and be supported by retrieval systems providing access to the information by the museum personnel and other legitimate users.

• Security of Collection and Associated Data in which the museum exercises control to avoid disclosing sensitive personal or related information and other confidential matters when collection data is made available to the public.

• Preventive Conservation which is an important element of museum policy and collections care. Therefore all the members of the museum profession are responsible about the creation and the maintance of a protective environment for the collections in their care, whether in store, on display, or in transit.

• Collection Conservation and Restoration in which the museum must carefully monitor the condition of collections to determine when an object or specimen may require conservation-restoration work and the services of a qualified conservator-restorer.

• Protection Against Disasters or Disaster Risk Management which is the development of the various policies in order to protect the collections during armed conflict and other human-made or natural disasters.

• Interpretation of Exhibitions Museums should ensure that the information they present in displays and exhibitions is well-founded, accurate and gives appropriate consideration to represented groups or beliefs.
• Level in national classification:The Hellenic Open University.

• Aviation Security Screening Diploma (Upon request) by The Hellenic Aviation Authority School
Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority
Control Tower
Former Hellinikon Airport
East Terminal
P.C 16610
P.O.P 70360
Telephone 210 8916000
e-mail: YPA@HCAA.GR
Fax: 210 8947101
Telex: 214444

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered:
 X-ray screening
 Identify common weapons and other security threads such as the improvised explosive devices
 Perform basic x-rays screening operations and read x –rays images

 Diploma in the Private Security by
KEMEA -Center for Security Studies (a scientific, consulting and research organization overseen by the Minister of Citizen Protection)
4, P. Kanellopoulou str.
Αthens GR-101 77
Administration & Accounting Dpt.
+30 210 748 1630
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered
Security protection on life integrity and the vital state infrastructures such as airports, museums and building which host ministries and other public services.
Vocational training on the Private Security.
Therefore the Diploma on the Private Security is certified by both Center of Security Studies(KEMEA) and the National Organization for Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance.(EOPPEP)

 Certificate in Cyber security and its Ten Domains by the University System of Georgia (Kennesaw State University). This certificate is refered to the crucial role of Cyber Cecurity and the various ways which are used for the digital protection of all the valuable information from the cyber threads.

Kennesaw State University
Phone: 470-578-7550
Address: 3203 Campus Loop Road, House 58, Kennesaw, GA 30144
Email : learnonline@kennesaw.edu


Having all the necessary knowledge about Galleries, Museums and Art, I was hired as a vocal trainer by Vocational Publics institutes ten years ago where, I taught museum studies and art to the museum and archaeological sites’ security Stuff and I have been working as such since then. Therefore these Institutes, which honoured me to become one of its vocal trainers are the only ones in Greece specialised in this expertise aiming to those professionals, who work at museums or even to persons who want to become museum security stuff and be accredited as such. As a trainer there, I have boosted the efficiency of my students up by adjusting the subject materials upon to their vocational needs and demands. These actions resulted, to the increasing of their employment to their positions by well known museums abroad even to better administration ones while at the same time, a respectful number of them work only in the Acropolis Museum as well as in, the National Archaeological Museum.
Furthermore, I have proven management success at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where I have helped to the modification and the renewal of the Library of the Diplomatic Academy. The result was the creation of a library, which is able to cover all the issues from Diplomacy, to Arts on which the Cultural Diplomacy based aiming at the same time, to the function of the Embassy Attachés, and of other diplomats concerning their further education and their acquaintance about the international developments. This transformation resulted, the augmentation of visitors up including university professors and students of the European, and International Studies. Few years later, I was entrusted by the same ministry with the task of securing and preserving the archival material of the Diplomatic and Historical Archives

 The Public Vocational Institute of Ampelokipoi, Athens.
4 Nestou Street Athens
P.C :11527
Tel.numbers :2107790977, 2107782282
E-mail: mail@iek-ampel.att.sch.gr

 The Public Vocational Institute of Academia Platonos, Athens.
74-76 Handgiapostolou and Wordou Street
Sepolia –Athens
Post Code 10443
Tel.numbers 210 5150096 &2105126969.
E-mail: diek.aplaton@gmail.com

 The Public Vocational Institute of Nea Smyrni, Athens.
21 Medea’s and Cyprus Street
Nea Smyrni
Post Code: 17122
Tel.Numbers 210 9310496 & 210-9310401
E-mails: diekneasmyrni@gmail.com

 The Public Vocational Institute of Ilioupolis, Athens.
521 Vouliagmenis Avenue & Ethnarchou Makariou Street. Athens
Post code 16341
Tel.numbers 2109953688 & 2109955731

 The Public Vocational Institute of Metamorphosis, Athens
Korinthou & Heironos Street
Metamorphosis Athens
P.C : 144 51.
Tel.numbers 2102850916 & 210 2842826
E-mail: iekmetamorfosis@gmail.com

 The Diplomatic Academy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Athens.
10 Zalocosta Street Athens
Post Code 10671
Tel number 210 368 2933
E-mail: academy@mfa.gr

 Services of Diplomatic and Historical Archives of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
3 Zalokosta Street ,Athens
Tel.numbers 210 3683351 & 210 3683215.
E-mail: archivel@mfa.gr

 The Ionian University of Applied Sciences –Island of Zakynthos.
Cultural Department –Art Conservation
Minotou &Giannopoulou Street Panagoula
Post Code 29100
Tel.numbers: 26950 27228 & 26950 21050

 The National Library of Greece
The Archival and Library Materials’Conservation Department.
32 Panepistimiou Street
Post Code: 10679
Tel Numbers: 210 600 0416,2103382541
E-mail: info@snfcc.org


  • work well under pressure
  •  Persistence in high quality standards.
  •  Excellent communication skills.
  •  Attention to detail.


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