Resume posted by IOANNA KRANIOTI in Media.
Desired salary: $2,000.00
Desired position type: Any
Location: Athina, Athens Decentralized Administration of Attica, Greece



I am a hard-working motivated and enthusiastic communicator with a proven track-record in the communication and project management field.


Quite early in my academic career, I became captivated by the role that media and communication play in shaping human societies. Having been intrigued by this realization and after successfully pursued the highly demanding programme of the Communication and Mass Media School in the rigorous academic environment of the University of Athens I decided to continue my studies and establish solid foundations for fulfilling my academic and professional objectives. Since my thirst for knowledge has rather been reinforced than satisfied, I applied for a master degree in Media studies. Through my postgraduate studies at Media and Business department at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, I had the invaluable opportunity to study thoroughly a wide variety of communication operations and disciplines. I relished this experience and continuously participated in lectures to recognize the benefits and limitations of theories and contemporary communication issues in businesses


For the past three years, I was working as an editor and content manager for two different online culture and political magazines. My responsibilities included communication and writing, digital media and marketing. This practical communication experience helped me to improve my communication and negotiating skills, taught me how to multi-task and confirmed my desire to pursue further a career in media. Working in fast-paced journalistic environments developed my ability to work systematically under pressure in order to achieve objectives.
Another landmark experience was my traineeship at the Communication Department of the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg. In respect of my traineeship at the European Court of Auditors, my role involved providing continuous efficient web design (ECA website) and implementing web development updates (Joomla, Sharepoint), preparing press releases and conferences, creating quantitative and qualitative communication analysis and organize weekly meetings. This experience helped me to integrate my journalism skills within social media and closely observe how an EU institution operates in practice and improve further my communication and organizational skills.
Lately I worked as Project Coordinator at ReGeneration program by Global Shapers Athens Hub powered by Coca-Cola Hellas. I was responsible to prepare, control and implement a database of over 5.000 stakeholders, handle communication on behalf of the program and serve as first point of contact for candidates and led and ensured the smooth operation of 3 ReGeneration cycles (application processes) within one year. My involvement at the company increased ReGeneration’s facebook page response rate to 100% (1-hour response time) while I managed to conduct an internal survey indicating that over 90% of program’s candidates had an excellent customer experience within the whole application process.