Cognitive Neuropsychologist

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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Larisa, Larissa Thessalia Sterea Ellada, Greece

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I am a psychologist with an MSc in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology. I am specialized in administering neuropsychological tests in patients with neurological and psychiatric syndromes,for both clinical and research purposes. I worked at the Epilepsy and Dementia Out-Patient Clinic of the Laboratory of Clinical Neurophysiology, Aristotle Unversity of Thessaloniki from October 14,2015 till May 26,2015. Ι have a Certificate of Vocational Training of two-year studies, as an Internet Technology Technician (IT)


Nov 2013–Oct 2015: Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma (MSc) in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology (2-year-studies), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Oct 2009–Oct 2013: Ptychio (BSc) in Psychology (4-year-studies), Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens (Greece)
Sep 2003- June 2005: Certificate of Vocational Training (2-year-studies), Internet Technology Technician


Oct 2014–May 2015: AHEPA University General Hospital of Thessaloniki (Greece), Cognitive Neuropsychologist (internship):
• neuropsychological assessment in patients with epilepsy, dementia and other neurological syndromes
• diagnosis
• composition of patient’s report
• attendance of medical courses on neuroimaging tools
• participation in research projects
• psychological counselling

Oct 2012–Feb 2013: IASIS NGO, Athens (Greece)
Psychologist (internship)
• psychological counselling and rehabilitation in patients with psychoses
• composition of patient’ s report
• case report during multidisciplinary meeting


  • excellent knowledge of cognitive functions and their biological basis
  • very good knowledge of brain anatomy and connectivity
  • very good knowledge of brain functioning
  • excellent knowledge of neurological, psychological terms and concepts
  • excellent knowledge of neurological and psychiatric syndromes
  • very good knowledge of experimental design and methodology
  • Excellent command of Statistical IBM SPSS software
  • excellent skills in administering neuropsychological tests and diagnosis
  • rehabilitation of cognitive functions (memory, attention, executive functions)
  • novel rehabilitation interventions (virtual reality, computer software, video games)
  • clinical and research application of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)
  • basic knowledge of neuroimaging tools (CT, MRI, TMS, EEG)


    research motivation, team working, work independently at a multidisciplinary level

Spoken Languages

    * Greek – Mother tongue * English – Very good use of written and spoken English. Excellent use of the technical terminology.