Mining Foreman /Civil Works Engineer

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Florina Ipiros Ditiki Makedonia, Greece

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Mainly I’ve worked as a Mining foreman with a 2+ years experience in open mining. Also worked with civil works and private works.


Bachelor Degree in Civil Works Engineering from the Faculty of Applied Sciences
Technological Educational Institute of Athens (T.E.I.)

Master of Science (in progress) In Project Management
Hellenic Open University


Civil Works Engineer / Foreman 19/02/14 to 30/06/2016
 Worked as foreman in open lignite mining in the lignite mines of Achlada, Florina, West Macedonia, Greece with a total mining surface of 20.000 acres and an annual production of 2 million tons. I was in charge of:
o Preserving all safety measures and rules for the mining process and other supporting processes such as pumping water and pipe installing, fencing, construction of drainage systems, road building and archaeology excavations, avoiding personnel accidents.
o Taking care of the heavy equipment of the company and adhere to the standards for maintenance, saving money from costly equipment damage repairs.
o Keeping the production at an optimum level, ensuring the fulfillment of monthly and yearly targets, saving money from target unfulfillment fines imposed by the government energy carrier (DEI)
o Making plans for the future of the monthly and yearly mining course
o Dealing with emergency situations within the mine such as landsliding and unexpected water floods
o Managing the deposition of excavation materials with regard to the best work flow and the minimizing of the work cycle.

Civil Works Engineer 28/10/12 to 18/02/14
 Designed various designs concerning public and private projects, taken on by the firm, via AutoCAD
 Supervised the construction of public and private projects namely:
o On-site inspection, and measurement of buildings and properties and the conduction the mandatory paperwork for the government’s buildings energy efficiency upgrade program with the 2012 standards
o The construction of public projects such as parks, squares, water management projects and building renovations
 Worked and filed the necessary paperwork for all projects taken on by the firm, for which I dealt with various divisions of the Greek public services
 Real Estate Management:
o Recording and photographing propertiew for sale or for rent
o Managed the properties database ,keeping it up to date, of the properties for sale or rent of the firm, as well as website management for real estate namely and to
o Presented properties (houses or land) to perspective buyers or tenants
 Dealing with and serving clients during office hours

Civil Engineer / Foreman
 Worked at the company’s main objective – housing construction -as a supervisor, through all stages of construction:
o Excavations for the foundation
o Construction of the moldings for the bearing structure of buildings
o Masonry
o Insulation for humidity,temperature and sound
o Plastering
o Fitting of the frames
o Installation of electrical, plumbing
o Floor construction
o Roof construction
o Installation of the carpentry (closets,cabinets,doors etc.)
o Installation of the appliances (water heater, boiler, solar panels, water filters etc.)

Civil Works Engineer 17/12/09 to 17/08/10
 Managed and sorted the database of projects of the Prefectural Administration of Preveza in order to make easy to access and use
 Compiled and edited the analytical tables of the archive of projects of the Third Community Support Framework for the Prefecture of Preveza from 03 ‘to ’10 making the archive up to date
 Participated in committees for the design and progress of Prefectural Projects offering expertise
 Worked on European Projects taken on by the Prefecture of Preveza, mostly translating and travelling abroad for conventions regarding these projects
 Offered Secretarial service whenever it was needed

Civil works engineer / Intern 1/11/05 to 1/4/2006
ΤΕΜΗΚΑ Construction Company
 Mainly worked on computer, typing texts for various projects or paperwork, worked on spreadsheets (MICROSOFT EXCEL), designed via AUTOCAD various designs for firms projects
-, in the context of my mandatory work experience program from the Dept. Of Civil Works Engineering.


  • Languages: English (Fluent), Greek (Native)
  • Computer skills: ECDL, AutoCAD, 3D STUDIO MAX/VIZ
  • Driver’s license: Β Category (up to 3,5 tons)