Literature and Philosophy Teacher

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Desired position type: Any
Location: Athina, Athens Attica, Greece

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The title shows both my academic skills and wishes. But i’m also interested in arts, creation, helping others, service in stores ect.


I have a degree in Philology from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with specialty in Medieval and Modern Greek Philology. I also have a Certification in ancient and modern greek and english Braille linguistic system and basic level knowledge of guiding people with visionary dissabilities. On english language i have the Lower degree of Cambridge and Michigan universities. Note: the site has combined the knowledge of Braille and the Hellenic federation of the Deaf, i only know the Braille system.


I have a variety of interests. Since now i have worked (and keep on wherever possible) as an alternative model with many different photographers (you can find my modelling work here: and here: ), make up artist, stylist, dj, published a book ( ), seeing two short stories and a poem of mine being published in two anthologies of different writers, create videos ( ), use photoshop, worked in a book store. Almost everything interests me about people and communication, always seek knowledge, love animals, nature, philosophy, art, films, music, harmonic co-existence, helping others, creation of every form.

Spoken Languages

    *Greek - Mother language. *English - Excellent use of written and spoken english., Hellenic Federation of the Deaf •Greek Braille