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Desired salary: $25,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Nea Ionia Attica, Greece

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I am a loyal person, who interests to provide my knowledges and my experiences as psychologist through the individuals that needs my assistance


George Kapetangeorgis
Pergamou 53-55
Athens, N.Ionia, 14235
210-2710136, 6984603558

The academic experience that I acquired through my studies in psychology, the love for this field, as well as the professionalism that conditions me, have lead me to try on a daily basis to give my outmost, in order to promote substantially, the solidarity and “co-humanity” by adding a pebble in the structure that is called social web.
I am an active and disciplined individual. I provide my service in my best possible effort to conclude successfully my assignments, with the best possible results.
I am an ambitious yet trusting individual, in interpersonal and professional level. I am eager to work, according to the requirements of each activity, each day. I can easily adapt in each circumstance and situation, and any new skills I can learn immediately, without delays.

• I have finished with my military obligations

Graduate student of Psychology at Empire State College of New York-SUNY in collaboration with New York College, in Athens, Greece.
The courses from New York College: GPA: 3.58
In concentration to Psychology
 Child Psychology = B
 General Psychology = A-
 History & Systems in Psychology = A-
 Intro to Biopsychology = A-
 Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism & Humanism = A-
 Psychological Statistics = C-
 Psychological Testing = C
 Psychology of Adjustment = A
 Sensation & Perception = A
 Social Psychology = A-
 Theories of Personality = A

The Empire Courses: GPA: 3.44
 Abnormal Psychology = B+
 Brain and Behavior = A
 Cognitive = A-
 Counseling Psychology = A
 Cultural Psychology = B
 Field Placement = A-
 Pre-Socratic Philosophers = A-
 Psychological Research Methods = B
 Topics in Developmental Psychology = B-

Additional information:
 Research:
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Psychology I worked at a nursing home for a period of 3 months and I had to present an extended essay with the title “How Professionals deal with the Death of the Elderly”?
 Certificate:
I have obtained a certificate on my service in the Greek army as a psychologist, during the period of October 2016 until June 2017, at the 96th health battalion of National Guard, as a member of the Group of Psychosocial Care. During this time, I received an honorary diploma, on March 1st 2017, from the Brigadier and Commander of the 96th Higher Administration of National Guard Battalion of Chios Island, Greece.
 Seminars:
o The workshop that was organized by the Athenian College on March 21st 2012 with the topic: Experiential psycho-training in effective anger management.
o The seminar that was organized by the self-awareness school on the September 16th 2012 with the topic: You can do better… Alternative thinking.
 Conferences:
o The 8th conference of Hellenic Psycho – Analytical Society in November 29th and 30th 2014 with the topic: Seducement
o The 9th conference of Hellenic Psycho – Analytical Society in November 28th and 29th 2015 with the topic: Castration
 Colloquium:
o The 5th colloquium of Hellenic Psychosomatic Society in May 27th and 28 2016 with the topic: Formatting procedures and deficiencies.
o The 6th colloquium of Hellenic Psychosomatic Society in May 19 and 21 2016 with the topic: The dreaming function in the psychosomatic.
These extra-curricular activities have certainly provided me with a vast knowledge of psychology practice and I would like to attend as many as I can. As a professional, I believe it is my obligation to keep on updating with any knowledge available.

English – Advanced level

Good knowledge of computer and knowledge of Word & Excel

Music, Philosophy, Psychology