Molecular Biologist and Genetisist

Resume posted by Katerina Vafeiadou

Desired position type: Any
Location: Bordeaux Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

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I have graduated from the department of MBG in Greece. I have finished the first year of the International Master in Neurosciences at the University of Bordeaux. I will continue the M2 this academic year but I would like to find a part time job so that I can support in a more sufficient way my studies.


2016-2017: Master 1 in “Neurosciences-NeuroBIM”- Universtiy of Bordeaux Gpa (14.84/20)
Internship: “Pitch perception: in search of objective evidence for the octave enlargement effect”, Gpa (17/20)
2010-2015: Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.T.), Faculty of Medicine, Department of
Molecular Biology and Genetics, Gpa (7.68/10)
2007-2010: Greek-French School «Kalamari», Thessaloniki, Graduate Degree in General Baccalaureate high school “Excellent”, Nineteen and two tenth (19.2/20)



October 2015-May 2016: Teaching biology and prepare the students for the Greek National Exams
July 2015: Participation in IBG program of ELIX- conservation and protection of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem – Bahlingen, Germany
June 2015: ARCTUROS-inform the public on wildlife and the care of bears – Nymfaio, Greece
September 2015: Callisto-Green Wave Festival – inform the public on wildlife – Thessaloniki, Greece
September 2015: Praksis – helping refugees in Eidomeni (Northern Greece) and secretary in the center of homeless people-Thessaloniki, Greece

2015-2016 : secretary in a private infirmary-Part time
April-July 2015: waitress-Styl de café in Thessaloniki
April-July 2010 : waitress -‘Santa Rosa-beach bar’ in Alexandroupoli


  • Computer: basic knowledge of Microsoft windows, linux and programing languages C, C++
  • Amateur experience of:
  • Music: piano, guitar, drums and theory of music
  • Jewelry creations and handcrafts
  • Theater: acting
  • Photography
  • Dance: latin dancing


    cell cultures of hematopoietic cells in semisolid medium, Data analyses with excel, Molecular methods for producing plasmid DNA on a small scale (mini-prep) and large scale (maxi-prep), Power Point Presentations, production of viral vector in a small scale (research use) Cell cultures (liquid cultures, R-programming, SPSS, Word

Spoken Languages

    English(IELTS-Advanced level), French: level B1, Greek (mother tongue), Italian (Level-B2)