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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Nea Anchialos Thessalia, Greece

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A detail-minded individual, combining strong interpersonal and communication skills with experiences in human resources, training, Risk Management and consulting in business environments


Master degree(Msc) In Business Economics Banking&Finance at the University of Portsmouth(UK)(Sept 2003-Sept 2004)

Graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Business Economics from the University of East Anglia(UK) (Sept 2000-June 2003)

Graduate of school of informatics(1995)

Graduate of school of Rankers with specialization in the administration of war material (1995)

High School Graduate (1993)

Member of the Economic Chamber of Greece


My previous work experience could well focalize in the field of finance& risk management as well as in the banking sector and business development. After taking my Master degree I had the position of credit risk analyst for one of the biggest insurance companies in Greece, namely the EULER HERMES EMPORIKI.
The above company is a French multinational company offering credit control and risk management services for all the sectors in the finance and industrial world. My main responsibility was to gather credit information for every client and to assess and validate its risk for granting credit insurance.
During my master degree I had a distinctive role in the field of econometrics and risk management. I was very enthusiastic with the field of financial forecasting and risk management techniques and I have applied these techniques in my position at Euler Hermes Emporiki as a credit risk analyst. I used to operate with specific programmes, such as the SPSS,PC-GIVE working in the field of risk ratios. Accordingly, my thesis concentrated in the field of how sme’s operate in Greece and their risk profile, in order to undertake credit from financial institutions, and how external macroeconomic factors affected their decision for credit
Furthermore, I have worked for a Greek customs office located in Volos Greece for the last 6 years, as financial officer as well as export manager. While on job, I handled many difficult situations relating to customers and exporting procedures dealing with difficult projects as well as with multidimensional customers. My interaction with them allowed me to sharpen my communication skills as well as my organizational skills and competencies.


  • spss(3 years experience)
  • pc-give(3 years experience)
  • powerpoint(10 years experience)
  • word,excel,access(10 years experience)


    communication specialist, Team leader

Groups & Associations

    Economic Chamber of Greece

Spoken Languages

    1.Greek: Native speaker 2.English: Proficiency of Michigan 3. French: Delf1 4.Spanish: Initial, English