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Resume posted by s.kostopoulos in Engineering.
Desired salary: $40,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Athens Attica, Greece

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I’m professionally orientated around project engineering management.
As a person I m highly motivated very confident and outgoing, used to work with deadlines and under pressure and I can work well within a team and independently. I always promote balance between Leadership and Team work and give motives to the staff that allow them to take both decision making and target setting choices.


University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Master of Engineering (M.Eng Honours)
Degree in Mechanical Engineering

University of Sunderland
Postgraduate certificate in Engineering management

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Master of Science (MSc) in Biomedical Nanotechnology


Company : ELASTRON S.A
2 years Quality assurance and control manager in metal Industry
Duties :
• Supervision and appliance of International system of Quality ISO 9001:2000
• Survey and apply of the Health, safety and security policy OHSAS 18001.
• Representative of the company to third parties.
• Survey of the internal quality inspectors and production supervisors (16 Persons).
• Survey the quality of the first raw (Iron, steel coils) material and the final products.
• Development and monitoring of the annual budget for the quality and technical Supply Department.
• Management of maintenance department
• Management of the production consumables and spare parts
• Control of the installations and the electromechanical equipment before their daily operation.
• Production units :Cut to length, Shears, Shot blasters, cranes, lifting machinery, electric & manual hoists, chain blocks, electric and hand pallet trucks & stackers, power transmission, motors, reducers, gear motors, couplings, inverters, bearings, bearing units, conveyor and power transmission chains, tabletop chains, gears, racks, sprockets,
• Supervision and control of the fuel supplies for the production lines.
Warehouses, Distribution sectors & Building signposting

Caramondani Group S.A
2 years Project manager in construction industry. Steel building complex
(Desalinization unit)

Duties :
• Traffic control of the first raw material certificates according the Euronorms EC0,EC3, EC4, EC9.
• Handling contracts, technical and legal conditions, expense reports
• Launching project and contracting bids, analyzing the price proposals obtained and coordinating the negotiation meetings
• Monitoring and control and cost analysis of the mechanical equipment.
• Guarantee legal and economic compliance
• Prefabrication of piping and erection on site work
• Control of welding PQR and WPS protocols and Requisitions
• Assembly, setup and functionality of the following Electromechanical equipment
Electromechanical Equipment :
HVAC units: Compressor, fan, heating & cooling coils, control electronics, Thermostats, filters Supply air ducts.
Power stations, racks, UPS ,chillers, Close circuit networks,

Fire installations (detection-suspension) Pipeline and instrumentation Diagrams P&IDs
Fittings, valves, smoke detectors, fire sprinkler systems, Gaseous Agents

Desalinization unit: Feed water delivery pump, sediment filter stainless steel, membrane and housing system, Chemical dosing system, PLC control system and wiring system.

Ketten-Walder GmbH
5 months Head of production in chain metal Industry
• Create Production Performance Databases
• Organising the structure of the Production department
• Create operation manuals and working guides
• Making production planning for the whole units in the Factory
• Create failure guides and reduce repair and maintenance costs
• Set priorities and handling working personnel (5 Persons)
• Monitor and Evaluation of first raw material for continuous flow in the
• Program and schedule Pre maintenance system
• Make trials and apply new tools and techniques in production
• Monitoring scheduling and evaluate products if they are harmonized with
quality standards and norms.


  • 2 Years experience in Metal materials and production as quality Assurance Manager
  • 2 Years experience in Water treatment installations (Desalinization Unit) as Project Manager
  • 5 Months experience in Metal production as Head of production


    analyzing the price proposals obtained and coordinating the negotiation meetings in order to guarantee legal and economic compliance, and expense reports but also in launching project and contracting bids, monitor and evaluate processes such as contracts, strong analytical skills to organize, technical and legal conditions

Groups & Associations

    TEE -TGC Member of the Technical chamber of Greece

Spoken Languages

    Basic French and German, Fluent English and Greek