Web Developer / Web Designer – Game Developer

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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Tripoli Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian, Greece

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Even tho i studied to be a Web Devoper /Designer – Game Developer i am more intersted in the IT part and i am willing to learn all the things that are necessary if my job will give me a chance .


I recently graduated from a private institute as a Web Designer – Web Developer /Game Developer .

First semester (1/4) we learned the basics on how to use a Computer , Talked about Telecommunications , How to setup a server ( Worked on Windows Server 2007 edition ) , C (programming language) , Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) , Hypertext Preprocessor PHP and Microsoft Access .

Second semester (2/4) almost the same classes but now instead of Telecommunications we were learning C++ ( programming language ) and we improved our skills on things we have been already have benn taught the previous semester . We also did a couple of classes on photoshop and how we could use it to create a template for a website .

Third semester ( 3/4 ) Was totally different from last year and that is why the classes were more focused on our title ( Web Developer / Designer – Game Developer ) . We worked with 3DSMax , OpenGL , Unity and Blender .

Fourth and last semester ( 4/4 ) We tried to learn the very basics of app developing using Eclipse ( +Foundamentals of Java ) and Android Studio .


Worked as a trainee for 6 months as a Web Designer / Web Developer .

My bosses were really nice with me from the very beggining and willing to help me learn new things .


  • I am not an expert when it comes to PC’s but i can assure you that i know a few things .

Spoken Languages

    * Greek – Mother tongue * English – Very good use of written and spoken English. Excellent use of the technical terminology.