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Desired position type: Any
Location: New York United States

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Artistic, Creative, Enthusiastic, Ambidextrous, Hardworking with great Leadership skills.



2013 – 2014 1 year Scholarship in the Acting school “LCA Studio” (Broadway /
Manhattan). Professor: Mel Williams (Actor, Director and Acting coach
of Queen Latifah, Morgan Freeman and others).
2002 – 2012 Professional Degree (Master) in REIKI & QUANTUM PHYSICS Therapy.
2001 – 2004 3 years Scholarship in the Acting School “ALPHA” (Athens/Greece).
Professor: Pantelis Kapsalis (Actor, Director, Producer, Writer).
1996 – 2000 Private professional singing lessons, modern style, articulation and
vocal technique with JULIE MASSINO.
1994 – 1997 3year Scholarship at “Municipal conservatory” of Salonika. Classical
music, (Mezzo Soprano). Teacher: Amalia Kallivazi.
1988 – 1992 Conservatory of Greek-Orthodox Church “Analipsi”. Piano lessons and
chorus (Spiritual-gospel hymns and songs).
1984 – 1994 10 years at “Royal Academy of dancing of London”. Studied Ballet,
modern dance, jazz & contemporary style. Teacher: Judith Nale.
1984 – 1994 Kalamari Academy & Lycee College (French Colleges of Thessaloniki –


Performance & Work History

2015 – Today Singer/Performer at Laterna Restaurant in Bayside NY.
2016 – 2017 Worked as secretary & personal assistant at “HESO ELECTRICAL”
company in LIC.
2015 Worked as a Coach in the summer camp “Super Kickers” & as a Teacher
assistant & in the after school program (ages 2-5) at Public school 69
in Queens NY.
2014 Staring as Iocasti in the Greek Theatrical comedy: “Dinner at Iocasti’s”
(Greek Cultural Center in Astoria NY).
2013-2014 Worked as a Sales Manager (Specialized in Products for Diabetic
people) for a pharmaceutical company in Staten Island.
2013-2014 Singer at “Rafina” (Manhattan).
2013 Staring as Norma Desmond in the theatrical play “Sunset Boulevard” in
Manhattan. (Off-Broadway production at “The producer’s Club”).
2013 Staring in the short film “RUN”.
2013 Worked as an extra in the film “Irene & Marie” (with Olympia Dukakis &
Alex Thompson).
2012 Lead singer and performer, with the “strings ensemble”: TRINITY.
2012 Staring in the movie ‘’ROYAL ROOM’’(Greek production). Also,
composer and singer of the movie soundtrack.
2011-2012 Hyatt Regency Casino (Thessaloniki). Musical – theatrical show “ΕΔΩ”
(“HERE”). As lead singer with acting and dancing abilities.
2010-2011 Hyatt Regency Casino (Thessaloniki). Musical – theatrical show “MY
WAY”. As a lead singer with acting and dancing abilities.
2010 Professional Degree as a Dog instructor. (Worked with Service animals
and K9).
2007 – 2009 AKTI PEIRAIOS HALL (Athens), TABOO (Athens), FIX STAGE.
Lead Singer with acting and dancing abilities, for the musical/theatrical
2006 – 2007 POTAMITIS THEATER in Athens as the composer and vocal instructor
of the music & soundtrack of the Greek theatrical drama:
Lead singer. (Conductor Theodore Lembesis: Director of the Modern
symphonic orchestra or E.R.T TV channel)
2002 Guest appearances (as an actress) in several TV shows in Athens &
Thessaloniki. (ET 1, Star Channel, Mega, Alpha, TV Makedonia etc).
2001 – 2003 Lead singer and actress, performing for The Greek BIG BAND of Show
2001-2004 Radio Producer, Voiceover & radio commercials at ‘‘PALMOS 96,5’’ and
‘‘ Radio ALPHA 103’’
1997 – 2003 Lead singer & Actress in Live shows & concerts in Greece (Gialino
Mousiko Theatro, Stavros Tou Notou, Architektoniki, Metro Rock stage,
Mylos, Theatro Vergina, Vilka etc) and abroad (Canada, Australia, Israel,
Cyprus, etc)
1996 MAKEDONIA TV CHANNEL: Hostess of the local TV talent show
“MOUSIKES FIGOURES” (Musical figures).
1996 33rd SINGING FESTIVAL OF THESSALONIKI (Song Competition). Lead
singer. (Song “PREPEI”,Composer/Lyricist Panos Mataragas, Conductor
Akis Gerontakis).
1995 – 1997 Lead and chorus singer in several “jukebox musicals” and shows in

2010 2 hip hop duets with the Greek male hip hop artist SANJURO
2008 song: ‘’Panther’’ of the Greek CD Collection: PIATSA
2005 my 2nd CD by SMILE Records Company (with the band Zero Gravity)
1997 my 1st CD by SONY Music. (with songs in Greek style music)


  • Graphic design & website development (avocational level), great multimedia ability, creativity & experience (Facebook, Instagram, etc). Very good use of Photoshop, GIMP & similar programs for creation and/or editing of posters/cards/artistic projects. Great knowledge & operating of Computer and Windows.
  • Composing music/songs and writing lyrics for several Greek shows & Artists
  • (Dionisis Sxinas, Victoria Halkiti, Haris Akritidis, Spiros Spirakos etc).


    children songs & tales., harmonica, Literature, Painting, Psychology, Writing comedy scripts

Spoken Languages

    1) Greek (native speaker) 2) English (good) 3) French (good)