Interior designer & architect

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Desired position type: Freelance
Location: Athina, Athens Decentralized Administration of Attica, Greece

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Interior design, interior architecture, landscape architecture, 3d modelling, rendering, jewels’ design, jewels’ making, wedding party decorations, baptism decorations, mood board design, mood board fashion, merchandising


nterior Architecture, Decoration and design
Sokratous 20, 134 51 Kamatero (Greece)
-Basic principles of communication.
– Basic ergonomics – anthropometry in spaces.
– Basic framework of professional conduct and communication rules.
– Design knowledge through PC (eg Autocad, 3D).
– Knowledge of word processing, email, computing
leaflets, web browsing and presentations.
– Structural, construction and decorative design.
– Procedures and means of enrichment of clientele.
– Procedures for organizing and executing a project.
– Workgroup organization procedures.
-Procedures for monitoring and controlling works and workshops.
– Procedures for receiving and counting materials.
– Concept, subject and reporting.
– Types, specifications, characteristics and quality of customer information forms. – Estimated cost of work.
– Types and ways of constructing a model.
– Types, sources, means and procedures for finding materials on the market.
– Types, procedures and content of customer contracts.
– Project surveys.
-Types, properties and use of materials in construction and decoration


Interior designer & architect
Athens (Greece)
▪ Asaninteriordesigner,ourworkusuallyinvolves:-meetingclientstodiscusstheirrequirementsand ideas-developing designs to suit clients’ needs, their budget and the type of building preparing initial sketches for the client to approve-advising on colour schemes, fabrics, fittings and furniture-working out costs and preparing estimates-creating detailed drawings from the initial sketches, usually on a computer finding fittings, furniture, fabrics, and wall and floor coverings.We may also recommend or hire people to carry out the work on site, and supervise their progress.
▪ Activeparticipationinthedesignorrenovationofinteriorspaces,includingstructuralmodifications, decorative objects, furniture, utensils, lighting fixtures and color combinations.
▪ Interiordesignsothatthedesignedspacesarefunctional,safe,beautifulbydefiningspace requirements and selecting decorative objects such as colors, equipment, lighting
▪ developinginitialideasandobtainingbasicinformationaboutpossibleprojects,detaileddiscussion with clients of their requirements and setting schedules of projects
▪ Searchandparticipateinnewprojects
▪ Determiningtheclient’sobjectivesandprojectrequirements.Understandtheneedsoftheclient and other people who will use the building. Development of design principles in conjunction with customer and establishment
▪ Determinehowspacewillbeusedandhowpeoplemovearound
▪ Determinationofmaterialsandfurnishingssuchaslighting,furniture,masonry,floorandpipe
▪ procurementofproducts,e.g.furnishings,furnishings,lighting,finishes,decorativeandfabricsand the provision of samples to customers
▪ Preparationoffinalplans,analyticalfunctionaldiagrams,plans,plans,modelsandshapesusing CAD software
▪ carryingoutafeasibilitystudyforprojects
▪ conductingresearchandgatheringinformationandphotographsabouttheproject
▪ Createascheduleforinteriordesignprojectsandprojectcostestimates.Takingintoaccountthe materials and costs according to the pre-determined budget and negotiation of the fees for the project.
▪ creatingapresentation/samplingtable(consistingofimages,photorealistic,drawings,textand samples of decorative items) for presentation of the proposed project to the client
▪ Materialorderingandoversightoftheinstallation/placementofindividualdesignelements
▪ overseeingtheprojectbothduringdesignandonsite
▪ If a project manager role is required for the sake of the client during the construction phase.This may include coordination of on-site planning and even co-ordination of the craftsmen team
▪ Makingsitevisitstoensurecustomersatisfaction
▪ Close collaboration with architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, other decorators and
builders to determine how the interiors will be shaped, operated, looked and will be furnished
Team work with other designers
▪ Keeping up to date on developments and new technologies in the design and construction industry

Holiday package marketing (telemarketing)
Dream Deals, Athens (Greece)
▪ Focusingoncustomer-centricculture
▪ Usetoolsandtechniquesformoreefficientqualityservice
▪ QualityService
▪ ActiveHearing:identifyingthecustomer’sneedsandthereasonswhyhebehavesbehaving
▪ thegoalofexcellentcustomerservice
▪ UseofEffectiveInterpersonalCommunicationTechniques
▪ aclearunderstandingoftheneedsofpeopleserved
▪ controllingcommunication,strengtheningitsimpactandresolvingconflicts
▪ managingwitheaseandprofessionalismcomplaintsandobjectionsfrompeopleserved
▪ efficienthandlingofdifficultcustomers
▪ useofnegotiationandcommunicationskills
▪ professionalbehaviorandsteadyperformancewhileperformingtasksunderanypressure conditions


  • project-management skills
  • ▪ OperatingSystems:windowsκαιmac
  • ▪ AUTOCAD(2D+3D)
  • ▪ Sketchup
  • ▪ Photoshop,Gimp
  • ▪ MicrosoftOffice
  • Artistic skills:
  • Use the sense of style to develop / create drawings, which are stylish
  • Creativity:
  • Use imagination in the choice of furniture and fabrics and create spaces that meet the needs and suit the style and style of the customer’s life.
  • Attention to detail:
  • Accuracy in indoor measurement and in design making so that furniture and decorative items fit properly and create the right environment
  • Problem Solving Skills:
  • Addressing challenges such as construction delays and high costs or unexpected shortcomings of selected materials, while keeping the project within deadlines and within budget.
  • drawing, writing children’s poems dancing constructions with plaster, painting
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Jewelry Design Graphic Design Furniture Textile Design Interior Design Merchandising Textiles
  • Interior Architecture Architectural Design Architecture
  • 3D Rendering Rendering
  • Public Relations
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Landscape Architecture

Spoken Languages

    - English Lower Certificate, 1) Greek (mother) 2) English (Basic)