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Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Thessalonika Central Macedonia, Greece

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Over than 14 years experience in Multinational and Greek leading corporations of Industry, Services, Editions, Commerce and Consulting, Private & Public Sector. Proven organizational, negotiation (with unions and customers B2B & B2C) and decision – making skills with the ability to highlight trends and anomalies under constraints of time and pressure. Performance-Driven, strongly proactive and adaptive to crisis and change management.


Master in Business Administration (MBA), 1995-1997
University of Macedonia – Economic and Social Sciences Thessaloniki, Greece.
Area of specialization: International Human Resources Management.

BSc in Business Administration, 1991-1995
University of Macedonia – Economic and Social Sciences Thessaloniki, Greece.



DEFKALION GREEN TECHNOLOGIES S.A., Athens, 15/07/2011 -19/12/2011
Human Resources Manager Greece, Cyprus and Balkans
Active involvement in the business start-up.
Establishing, developing, implementing and reviewing the Labor Regulation, Code of Conduct and Contracts of Employment.
Design, enhancement and enforcement of HR policies and procedures by way of systems that will improve the overall operation and effectiveness of the company.
Ensuring the effectiveness of the Learning & Development strategy to address current capabilities, future training needs and expand the knowledge management.
Directing a process of organizational planning that evaluates structure, job design and personnel resources for the company, ensuring optimal staffing levels.
Ensuring business compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Budgeting in line with the strategy of the BoD.
Developing marketing tools for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Associates.

HELEXPO S.A. Hellenic Organization of International Exhibitions, Conferences & Cultural Events, Thessaloniki, 01/12/2005 -01/12/2010
Human Resources Director, 4Subordinates, 71 permanent employees & 370 temporary employees
Active involvement in the Strategic Business Plan 2006-2014.
Budgeting and reporting on an annual & project basis.
Assuring the effectiveness of organizational structure and operations according to business needs, and up – to – date HR Strategies.
Driving knowledge management systems via innovative methods and new technologies.
Delivering change and crisis management in cooperation with other Departments.
Alignment of the corporate and individual performance through the Management by Objectives System and Balance Scorecard.
Planning, managing, and executing the Selection & Hiring procedure at all managerial levels.
Planning and implementation of motivation, reward, recognition policies and procedures.
Modification and reinforcement of integrated Training and Development Programs.
Creation the Career Succession Planning.
Improvement of compensation and benefits schemes.
Managing all the human resources administrative issues, ensuring compliance to labor legislation and cost effectiveness.
Monitoring and developing the Health and Safety Issues.

EUROCONSULTANTS GROUP, Thessaloniki, 09/09/2004-09/09/2005
Human Resources & Marketing Manager of the Management Consulting Unit, 1 Subordinate, 150 employees
A. Human Resources Services
Leading the Strategy and Business Development of the new unit.
Labor Market Research in Greece & Balkan countries for the Greek subsidiaries companies.
Introducing modern and international recognized Human Resources Methods.
Development and implementation of new technologies (HR Data Base, HR Web site, e-recruitment).
Planning and organizing the human resources services promotional activities.
Project Management, sales and customer relations management.
Business Process Audit of the business units of Euroconsultants Group.
B. Marketing of Management Consulting Unit
Responsible for the Marketing Action and Media Plan.
Customer Relations Management of 9 Services of Management Consulting Unit.
Identifying, assessing, developing, launching and monitoring the growth initiatives that enhance company’s presence to the local and international markets.
Development and implementation of new technologies (Marketing Data Base, Company’s Web site).
C. Project Assignments
Reorganization Planning of Semi Public & Private Organizations in Greece and Balkans.
Business Plan – project ‘’Technogenesis’’, supervised by the Regional Governmental Organization of East Macedonia-Thrace.
Training & Development Plan for small & medium sized companies, supervised by Business & Technological Development Center of Thessaloniki for their business development to the Balkan area.
Marketing Plan for small & medium sized companies, supervised by Business & Technological Development Center of Thessaloniki for their business development to the Balkan area.

FOKAS GROUP ODYSSEAS FOKAS S.A., Thessaloniki, 02/01/2004- 20/08/2004
Branch Manager of 48-50 Tsimiski Str. Multi Store (flagship) of the Group, 400 Subordinates, 200shop in shop, 7.500s.m., 11 floors
Management of all the branch’s functions (Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Warehouse, Technical and Housekeeping divisions).
Responsible for the achievement of the annual qualitative and quantitative goals.
Budgeting and Action Plan of the branch.
Ensuring the high standards of Customer Service.
Assuring the effective products promotion and the branch’s merchandising.
Co-operation with the Marketing Dept. for the promotional and advertising activities.
Co-operation with the Buyers Dept. for new product mix and new co-operations with third parties (400 suppliers).

HYATT REGENCY Hotels and Tourism, S.A.
Human Resources Manager, Regency Casino Mont Parnes, Athens, 8 Subordinates, 750 employees, 01/05/2003-04/12/2003
Active involvement in the business start-up.

Human Resources Manager, Regency Casino Thessaloniki, 15 Subordinates, 1.500 employees, 12/08/2002-30/04/2003
Managing the human resource functions (recruitment, personnel selection, staffing, classification, development
and training, controlling of the Casino & Hotel payroll procedure, organizational analysis, fair employment
practices, employee assistance, employee relations and compensation practices).
Responsible for developing and implementing HR programs and practices consistent with International Hyatt’s HR strategy and assessing their effectiveness.
Handling complex union issues (1 union in Thes/niki and 2 unions in Athens).
Developing and monitoring the budget and other resources assigned to the HR Dept.
Monitoring the use of new automated HR systems and programs.
Preparing the reports and presentations concerning a variety of functions of a comprehensive Human Resources program.
Providing technical assistance to the executive and management staff and other Departments, ensuring compliance with HR policies and procedures.
Recommending compensation policy and salary adjustments.
Making proposals for final judgments, including defending decisions in legal proceedings.

Head of Human Resources Regional Dept. of Northern Greece, 150 employees, 10/08/2000-09/08/2002
Responsible for the opening of HR Dept.
Headcount Planning and Selection.
Job Analysis and Descriptions for all the positions.
Organizing and Coordinating the procedures of Training and Development.
Coordinating the Performance Appraisal Review.
Administration Control of the Employment issues.

Human Resources Executive of the Training and Development Dept., Corporate offices in Athens, 1.300 employees, 15/09/1999-09/08/2000
Job Analysis and Descriptions for all the positions of Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources and Legal Dept.
Planning, development and implementation of the Performance Appraisal & Development Review.
Member of the two Selection Committees, during the A.S.E.P. proclamations (National Entry Exams in the public sector) in Athens and Thessaloniki.

KPMG S.A., Athens, 01/06/1999-31/07/1999
Human Resources Consultant

VODAFONE S.A. , Athens,17/11/1997-31/05/1999
Human Resources Administrator, 1.500 employees

KERDOS S.A. Editions, Thessaloniki, 01/03/1995-30/09/1996
Supervisor of Telemarketing Dept., 6 Subordinates
Responsible for the Sales Turnover of the Subscribers for the Financial newspaper ‘’KERDOS’’ and financial magazine ‘’AGORA’’ of Northern Greece.
Proven track record in a high energy, proactive call centre environment.
People management.
Participation in organizing the company’s promotion during the Thematic Exhibitions in HELEXPO.
Market Research.
Advertising Sales of the newspaper and the annual sector magazine (Design of the templates & content).

Project Leader and Co-Writer of the Book ‘’Communication in Health Sector’’
AGRIS GROUP, Thessaloniki, 2008
Participation in reorganization planning of AGRIS & AGRIPLANT Companies.
Participation in job analysis and descriptions for all the positions.
Planning and implementation of Performance & Development Review.

ΟΝΕΙRΟ ΑΕΒΕ, Thessaloniki, 2005
Opening of a new branch (Mediterranean Cosmos Mall)
Organization planning, Job Analysis and Descriptions for all the positions.
Planning, development and implementation all the branch policies & procedures.
Headcount Planning & Budgeting.
Planning, managing, and executing the Selection procedure at all managerial levels.
Orientation Course for the newly hired employees.
Support the effectiveness of all the branch’s functions.

Speech: ‘’Strategic Technological Investments in Human Capital of Public Sector. Case Study: HELEXPO’’

Lecture: “Win an interview and marketing your career’’

15th IT APPLICATIONS CONFERENCE, I. Vellidis Congress Centre Thessaloniki Hall, 2009
Speech: ‘’Strategic Technological Investments in Human Capital of Public Sector. Case Study: HELEXPO’’

Speech: “e-People Management Practices in HELEXPO’’

MONEY SHOW, Hyatt Regency, Thessaloniki, 2007
Speech: “The influence of New Technologies in People Management’’

CAREER DAYS, VAKALIS FOUNDATION, Thessaloniki Port Authority, 2007
Speech: ‘’Business orientation in Human Resources’’

Training Program for the Sales Regional Dept. of Northern Greece: “Time & Life Management’’ (8hrs)

Article: “Ethics in Business – a need to be survived”

Article: “The HR Professionals of HELEXPO S.A. – Best Practices”

Article: ‘’Strategic Technological Investments in Human Capital of Public Sector. Case Study: HELEXPO’’


  • Ms Office, Microsoft Project, Singular Human Resources (SHR) Oracle Human Resources (HRMS), Omega (Logic DIS), Payroll (Computer Logic), ManPower Timer ver. 4.03 (Singular), CBT Systems, SEN (Commercial Software of Singular), SPSS


    Business Development & Accounts Management, consulting, Leadership & People Mgt, New Technologies, Presentations / Speaking in public, Project & Events Management, Quality Systems & Development

Groups & Associations

    Branch of Northern Greece, C-Level Global Network, Education and Training Professionals Group, Greek HR Group, HR Information Technology in Greece, KPMG Global Alumni Network, Learning, Marketing Academy of Health Sector., Member of: GREEK PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, University of Macedonia Alumni

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