Mathematics teacher and software engineer

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Desired salary: $30,000.00
Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Charlottesville Virginia, United States

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Before I began to teach, I developed software over a period of 24 years.
My teaching experience includes 2 years in the United States, 3 years in China and 2 years in South Africa.
In China, I taught all of the following curricula as teacher of record (up to 25 classes per week):
1. IGCSE Extended mathematics
2. AS Level mathematics and statistics
3. A Level mathematics (further pure mathematics) and statistics
4. IB HL mathematics
5. AP Calculus AB and BC
At the last school I taught in China, 87 of my ex-students were accepted into Western universities of their choice. Of these, many passed the AP Calculus exams with scores of 4 and 5. At all of these schools I was the teacher of record.
I use advanced technology such as Geogebra, Mathematica, Matlab, Interactive whiteboards, programming languages (C++, Java, C#), dynamic applets and Power-point presentations in my lessons.
What I bring to the table is a content knowledge that is second to none. But that’s only a small part of teaching. I have a simple 3-step approach that has never failed me:
I provide FULL MODEL solutions to exercises, tests and exams. When preparing my students to take exams, I use past papers with FULL model solutions that I prepare.
To get an idea of how I think (and write), here are a few interesting articles on LinkedIn:
How we got numbers:
Euler’s Blunder:
My New Calculus YT channel is highly successful:
Most of my students are accepted into top universities worldwide and many have graduated with honours. I set a flawless example – even in my personal life.


WGU 2005 – Computer Information Systems


John Gabriel
(US and EU citizen)

Senior Mathematics Teacher


– 7 years mathematics and statistics teaching
– 24 years software development (Assembly x86, C, C++, VC++)

Education: BS CIS (Computer Information Systems) – 2005
Western Governors University


01/16 to present: Private mathematics and calculus tutor.

09/14 to 02/15: IGCSE/A-Level mathematics and AP Calculus Teacher, Nanning, China

Senior mathematics teacher at one of the top senior high schools in Nanning, China. My students completed the P1 mathematics and half of S1 statistics in 5 months. AP students completed AB and half of BC in 5 months.

11/13 to 8/14: Private mathematics tutor, Somerset West, South Africa

I helped students to bridge the gap between high school and university level mathematics.

09/13 to 10/13: A-Level Mathematics Teacher, Nanjing, China
I taught the A-Level mathematics curriculum up to and including Further Pure mathematics, on contract in Nanjing, China. Developed online courses (

02/13 to 08/13: Private tutor, San Jose, CA
I tutored privately. My students were in the age bracket 16-20, with some first and second year university students.

09/12 to 01/13: IB HL Mathematics Teacher, Shijiazhuang, China

I taught the IB HL (International Baccalaureate, Higher Level) curriculum to the top students at the number 1 high school in Shijiazhuang, China. I had to leave because of air-pollution related illness.

Past Roles:
• Mathematics teacher
• Technical Consultant
• Project Manager
• Quality Assurance Manager
• System Analyst
• Senior Software Engineer
• Senior Software Developer
• Analyst Programmer
• Programmer


  • C, C++, VC++, HTML