Secretary, receptionist, sales assistant

Resume posted by Viki1987 in Customer Service.

Desired position type: Full-Time
Location: Sternes Crete Region, Greece

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I want to change my and my kids future. So, I am a strong woman, mother of four kids, looking for a morning job that I would love to do and would give all my energy to. I have been working the last ten years at the customer service area as secretary, receptionist and sales assistant. I also love anything that has to do with gymnastics.


I am graduated from high school with a 18,5 degree. I was studying economics at University of Piraeus but didn’t finish the studies because of family problems. I have a certificate in English and German at B level. I also have an ECDL degree for computer skills.


I have been working at “Papadopoulou Biscuits company” for many years as a sales assistant and later at the Trade Marketing department. I was able to do sales, merchadising and marketing at the same time.
I havd also worked as a receptionist at a health center of rehabilitation called “Olympion”. I had to take all the incoming calls, giving all the informations needed, doing all the in and outs tickets and organise all the reception paper work.


  • Sales assistant(5 years experience), secretary (3 years experience), receptionist(2 years)

Spoken Languages

    English(lower of cambridge), german (zertifikat goethe institut), Greek native