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Desired position type: Any
Location: Athina, Athens Decentralized Administration of Attica, Greece

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My love for kids and edification drew me to the department of English language and Literature where I learnt how to become an efficient teacher who inspires and educates her students. I became fascinated with the the variety of alternative educational methods and teaching techniques that this university taught me and I can’t wait to actualize my knowledge in my own classroom.

I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do and my goal is to build strong, educated and driven students. I like getting people excited about the things I’m excited about and right now, that’s teaching.

Currently, I’m swimming coach. I educate children on a different domain. I’m familiarized with children and class management. I love working with kids, I’m patient and ready to communicate my knowledge, using alternative, effective and entertaining teaching methods.


Bachelor at English Language and Literature, UoA
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Attended seminars:
-A seminar that was organized and held by ” Σ.Ε.Λ.Λ.Ε”. The initials describe the different fields of the organisation. Σ.Ε.Λ.Λ.Ε stands for the “Association of Speechologists of Speech Therapists of Greece” and the seminar focused on autism and divided attention The field which the seminar examined was the special education and teaching. 
-The seminar was about the communication and learning disruptions, speaking problems and learning disabilities. It was organised and actualized by the Prevention and Advisory center. An interesting seminar focusing on special education and teaching techniques for this target group. 


1.Translator: Name of the project: Trypotropion

This project is an effort of the network created by the students’ group, “Tyropropion”, of the Graphic Design Department of the School of Art Studies of the ATEI of Athens. Consequently, students from different Athens universities have voluntarily joined the team, making it possible to set an action which deals with typography together with Cretan literature and the way in which they can be through street art. My role in this project is to translate team’s texts and interviews in order to be able to publish them online in foreign language articles. 

2.Intern Teacher at 1st Primary of N. Psychiko, Athens
-Working with Primary school children
-Practicing new, innovative teaching methods which would trigger my students’ interest
and learning to organize and follow a lesson plan.

3.Head coach at Hlysiakos A.O, swimming and water polo
-Receiving accolades from my students’ parents regarding the progress of their children .-Applying discipline methods, decreasing divided attention of the class to 80%.
– Receiving a lot of respect and love from my students.
-Creating a training which would combine both the entertainment and the skills developement of my students.

4. Educator at “Forest school” in Chios during summer break.
A voluntary action ,initiated by people who love children, aims at the creative occupation with students of 3 to 12 years old. I loved the experince, we had a lot of fun.
– Educating children in a different environment and teaching them to love and respect nature.
– organizing educating games which would keep their interest

5. Volunteer Teacher at METAdrasi 2018-2019
Metadrasi is an organisation about the social absorption and the conscientiousness of refugees and I’m very lucky that i got to know their action in person. It’s a life experience. I’m teaching them English and they are teaching all of us real life lessons
– Organizing lesson plans for adults
– Teaching English as a foreign/international language


  • Microsoft office
  • English Translation
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Communication Skills


    -Leadership, Collaboration, Translation

Groups & Associations

    Trypotropion, ΜΕΤΑδραση

Spoken Languages

    1)Greek(native speaker), English(BA degree), Spanish(intermediate)