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Desired position type: Any
Location: Alexandropolis East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece

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Papakonstantinou Despina
Mineral Resources Engineer, MSc
I have a strong educational background in mining and geotechnical engineering. I did my bachelor studies in the department of Mineral Resources Engineering, a five-year program, at the Technical University of Crete. Following that, I have obtained a masters degree in design and construction of underground works at the National Technical University of Athens. During my studies I have been involved in a project concerning an underground hazardous waste repository construction, in the area of an old mine. I have worked on mathematical tools for the analysis of geotechnical problems. Presently I am working as an engineer in the mineral exploration and extraction domain as well as in the domain of renewable energy.
Nevertheless I have been searching for a professional position which will utilize and challenge my knowledge and qualifications. I have a good experience in project management acquired through my studies and work, since it involves supervising and decision making. I am also familiar with EU and international legislation. I am very persistent and enthusiastic about my work. With my educational background and my training in geotechnical engineering, I believe could make a valuable contribution in resolving geotechnical problems. I speak fluent English and French and I have good knowledge of Spanish language.
My current location is Alexandroupolis northern Greece, but I would like to work abroad. I have a good ability to adapt multicultural environments, gained through living and traveling abroad.


1999:diploma mineral resources engineer, technical university of Crete.

2007: master “design and construction of underground works”, Department of Civil Engineering and department of mining engineering and metallurgy, National Technical University of Athens.


July 2004 EGNATIA ODOS Α.Ε. stage
Road construction corporation
At the worksite and at the material quality examination laboratory of the company.
• Current employment: Mining Engineer
Employer: Prefecture of Evros Department of Energy and Mineral Resources

Main activities and responsibilities
Prefecture of Evros Department of Energy and Mineral Resources
Supervision of mineral extraction, geothermal activities, environmental studies


  • Good command of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Retscreen, basic knowledge of Matlab, ArcGis, Photoshop
  • Geotechnical software: Good knowledge of Plaxis, Plaxis 3D, Phase, Geoslope, basic knowledge of FLAC 2D

Groups & Associations

    Technical Chamber of Greece

Spoken Languages

    1) ENGLISH: PROFICIENCY DIPLOMA ΙΝ CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY, 1) Greek: Native speaker 2) English: Fluent speaker 3) French: fluent speaker 4) Spanish: basic knowledge